Your sustainability and financial return will be constrained by a poorly implemented system. The best way to protect your financial investment is to use premium solar solutions made in Australia for Australian conditions.

Only a small portion of the world’s manufacturers of solar panels have really reached the highest Rate 1 designation. AYKA Solar installs tier 1 solar panels and also sells them, giving you the assurance that you’re getting high-quality goods with the best possible return on investment.

The fact that just a small portion of the world’s solar panel manufacturers are ranked in Tier 1 is crucial to understand. Three categories are used to categorize producers of photovoltaic panels. Solar panels in the Tier 1 category are produced by well-known, well-recognized global manufacturers.

This tiered rating was created by BNEF to correspond with the bankability of manufacturers of solar panels. If you choose a Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer, that does not mean the solar panels are necessarily the highest quality or best panels available. It suggests that a sizeable number of financial institutions have actually bought panels from the manufacturer because they are confident enough in them.

Tier 2 products are still of great quality even if you purchase them; nevertheless, there aren’t enough financial institutions investing in projects utilizing their panels.

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