The worldwide commitment to ensuring the quality of living for mankind is expressed through the Millennium Development Agenda, which will eliminate poverty by half by 2015. In all ways, investing in human capital and achieving sustained economic growth depend on education.

Additionally, it is crucial for assuring social and economic advancement, promoting income distribution, and preventing poverty. The purpose of this essay is to contextualize the contribution that education makes to the fight against poverty.

Because education teaches information and skills that lead to greater income, the population’s degree of education correlates with a reduction in poverty. Education has a direct impact on alleviating poverty through raising income, wages, or both.

Human capital is viewed as a tool in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to combat poverty reduction. Because of this, the notion that education influences poverty has drawn a lot of attention in recent years.

One of the fundamental objectives of development economics is education, and achieving that aim is what propels such progress. Investment in education is a key component of many assistance and development efforts (Todaro, 2011). A large portion of this investment is motivated by the idea of equal opportunity.

Investments in education boost the productivity and capabilities of low-income households. Both the overall standard of living (human progress) and the income level rise. Second, poverty is a significant impediment to academic success. Education performance is impacted by poverty on three different levels.

both economic and educational progress The cornerstone for ending poverty and fostering economic growth is education. It serves as the cornerstone upon which a significant portion of residents’ economic and social well-being is based.

Families have evolved over time, but their significance in the contemporary economy has not diminished. We must go back to the family in order to comprehend human capital since it is families that care about their children that make every effort to advance their education and morals.

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