Despite the fact that they provide the certification, you must enroll in a school that is providing it as course work. Financial planning post-graduate diplomas are increasingly being offered by several newly established universities.

A PG diploma in financial planning sounds like a wonderful choice for a working professional. However, if you are a recent graduate looking to improve your abilities, a full-fledged master’s degree might be more appropriate for you.

It’s unfortunate that ignorance is to blame for this. Few individuals around here are aware of the value of financial planning and how a trained professional planner can help us with our financial difficulties.

A typical Indian of the middle class believes that investing consists of buying a few insurance policies, nervously dabbling in mutual fund investments, and avoiding the stock market. While this strategy is perfectly acceptable, an expert will advise you that it is sufficient to safeguard your future.

You may invest your money properly in a variety of ways, but you must be aware of the strategies in order to do so. However, it’s critical to recognize that not everyone can understand the intricacies of managing money, which is why getting expert assistance is crucial.

In a two-year program, your learning curve will be deeper and your comprehension will be higher. On the other hand, you may easily become a CFP and begin a new route toward improving your profession with a one-year certificate program.

The scope is enormous because there aren’t enough licensed financial advisers in India. You can engage in insurance planning, estate and retirement planning, personal cash flow management, tax preparation, and investment management.

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